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Class Descriptions

Group classes include:
Our All Equipment classes are just what they say . . . we can use all the equipment, the reformer, the chair, the springwall and sometimes we use it all!!

Beginner Equipment

Our Beginner equipment class consists of Pilates exercises taken from the classical method developed by Joseph Pilates. You will gain awareness of breath and create body awareness. You will learn the language of Pilates and the equipment. We will introduce you to the basic movement patterns you will see throughout this work.

Intermediate Equipment

Intermediate Equipment is the next progression in your practice. You should understand the language of Pilates for this class as well as how to set up and adjust your equipment. This class will move at a quicker pace and introduce more complex movement patterns.

Advanced Equipment

Our advanced equipment classes will challenge you. You will need to be well versed in the Pilates Language and equipment. This class moves quickly and will work on the most complex movement patterns. Our goal is to help you work towards performing the full repertoire with flow and precision that you have not experienced before.

Beginner Mat

Our Beginner Mat class is designed for those clients who have “Pilates in their bodies” as Joe would say. You are familiar with the Pilates fundamentals and beginner level exercises, this class will take your Pilates practice to the next level. The focus is on gaining a deeper understanding of the work in general and improving upon body awareness, control and flow. We will learn the Mat basics that you can take home and use to help progress your Pilates practice.

Restorative Equipment

These classes will focus on restoring your body to its most efficient and pain free position using specific exercises for you. Our certified instructors are trained to deal with restoring the body after specific or chronic injuries. We are proficient in injury prevention protocols and will place emphasis on the core musculature. Chose this class if you have specific areas of concern or if you are injured and need to work out those kinks.

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