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What clients say

I have so many good things to say about pilates. Four years ago I was limping around with sore knees and a stiff neck and had a difficult time bending over.
I discovered Centre Pilates in Cochrane with Tanis Fleming and have been there ever since.
Jackie Hornung has helped me move better, breathe better and generally feel better with her excellent knowledge of the body and my own particular aches and pains. I always feel refreshed and ready to meet the day after a session at the pilates studio.
Sharon Thorogood

I am a mother of 4(including twins), I knew from my very first Pilates class that I would love it. I love that it challenges me every time I work out and there is always something new to learn. It has transformed my body with strength and flexibility. I recommend Pilates to everyone. It is the happy place for my body and mind.
Amy Rost

I have been very active all my adult life and even more so in my “middle-age”. Running was always my workout of choice but I have since discovered Pilates is the perfect partner. I always look forward to classes at Centre Pilates which I have been attending for the past year. The instructors are genuinely caring and professional and the workouts are both fun and challenging. I have definitely noticed a difference in my posture and flexibility.
Bev Broadhurst

My physiotherapist recommended I take Pilates to strengthen my core after injuring my lower back with the pain ultimately travelling up into my shoulders and neck area leaving me with an uncomfortable stiffness and pulling my shoulders up to my ears. After one complimentary session on the Reformer, I immediately committed to a weekly rehab class and have since increased my class sessions to 4 times per week. The Reformer and Spring-Wall classes not only provide a challenging workout, but they are an excellent way to learn how to create the length, strength, and flexibility in your muscles that you forgot you had!
Angie Macaro

Pilates has given me the gift of movement and strength. The camaraderie and sense of fun in the classes buoys the spirit as well ! Body and Spirit equals well being.
Susan Marjerrson

I started Pilates while having a bad injury with a lot of scar tissue, being constantly in pain. It was tough, really more a chore for me than a fun way to spend time, but I wanted to improve my health and no longer be in pain. I knew it would take time to heal and improve. All the teachers helped me along the way, they were nice yet challenged me. I especially love my classes with Jackie, she’s so motivational, and inspiring, she makes laugh and try harder. Somewhere along my way, pilates stopped being a chore and I somehow fell in love with it.
Cynthia C.

Since my first private session with Jackie I have been hooked on Pilates. Her love and knowledge of Pilates is immense and it shows in every session. Pilates is the first exercise régime that I’ve actually committed too which is not easy as a mother of two little ones. Jackie and her staff make every session unique and fun! For me Pilates allows me to destress and get fit! I can truly say I’m a Pilates snob!!
Thank you! Leah

I found Centre Pilates with their professional tutelage, personal attention, and encouragement; I got my life back which included not only my lean body muscle, but my self esteem, my belief in myself. There have been challenges and setbacks but continuing to be ACTIVE IN Pilates has enabled me to stay ACTIVE OUT of Pilates. I have found Pilates to be restorative to my health and quality of life.
Pilates simply feels so good enabling me to move without pain during Pilates, as well as after Pilates. Exercise without having to experience pain, is a life saver. It brings me such joy to stand tall, exercise my body, feel empowered by my journey.
Thank you all for changing my life. I am forever grateful for the grace you add to my life.
Shelly Zukowski Age 49 and kickin’ it!

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